I've played and recorded with Dan many times over the past decade. I'm very proud of our work together and even more proud of what he has built over the years. Dan has always been an exceptional talent but he's impressed me even more as a learner; constantly adding to his skills over the years, and now excelling not only as a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter but also as an engineer and producer. Perhaps most exciting to me though, is seeing how his spirit and professional approach over the years have created a gravitational pull -- attracting lots of good people and good music into his sphere at The Space Studios. It's easily my favourite place to record in Vancouver. - Shad

I've worked closely in the studio with Dan Klenner for almost a decade and there are few people I know that rival his natural talent, work ethic, hunger for knowledge, attention to detail and artistic spark.  At this point, I prefer to make sure Dan has his hands on almost everything I do in some way. Whether playing, songwriting, production, engineering, or mixing he always brings a strong but collaborative vision to every recording session and above all he always has the best interest of the music and artist at heart. - David Vertesi

I really value how Dan pushes us and inspires us in the studio. During our recording session at the Space Studios, he continuously opened our ears to new ideas. He is an amazing musician and songwriter which made our studio experience a dream. - Drew McTaggart of Dear Rouge

 I first met Dan as a drummer and soon realized he was so much more. He played drums in our band (hey ocean) for some of our core "growth" years and then rejoined years later to tour with us on guitar. His dedication to music is like no one else I've ever met. He is a gifted musician (i'm pretty sure he can play any instrument. actually) and he does it all with such ease, passion and style! Working with Dan at the Space Studios is always an amazing experience. He is truly in his element and is such a positive, patient and speedy engineer. His musicianship and dedication to his craft shine through his work.  - Ashleigh Ball of Hey Ocean!

Whether he's in a gymnasium recording with only an aux-in on a MacBook, mixing in a basement with no acoustic treatment or tracking in a pro studio environment, working with Dan never lacks musicality. He is the perfect blend of player and engineer, listening and producing. Truly, some of the greatest sessions of my career have been with Dan. - Cayne McKenzie of We Are The City

Dan has an unique ability to stay completely focused on the technical and creative process, from start to end, all while welcoming others in with excitement, kindness, and lots of laughter. He listens deeply in order to understand the vision of the musician and truly cares about transforming that vision into musical reality. Though he pours every ounce of his knowledge, skill, energy and passion into a project, he also has an openness and humility about him that allows him to keep learning and discovering. This combination makes good music! And because he believes good music can bring change, he takes his role very seriously and humbly serves the greater purpose of the song. Having the opportunity to work with Dan was nothing but pure joy and I was delighted with the outcome. - Stephanie Ratcliff

Daniel Klenner is hands down one of the best assets to any recording project I have ever been a part of. He is and incredible drummer, guitar player, piano player. He built his his studio and knows it inside and out. Dan creates a really comfortable experience in the studio and can play the role of producer/engineer, co-producer/engineer or just engineer with great sensitivity, amazing ears and he bring a deep sense of care and pride to any project he's a part of. I recommend Dan first to anyone I think is ready to make a truly great record. - David Beckingham of Hey Ocean!

Working with Daniel Klenner was easy and was a true joy. He was vocal with his opinions and where things should go and respectful of where the art came from as well. His curiosity and attention to detail take him and his projects on a wonderful tangent. - Terence Jack

Daniel Klenner is one of the most inspiring people I have ever had the privilege of working with. His is dedicated to bringing the absolute best out of everyone around him and is always very professional. He is committed to working with the unique personalities and visions of his fellow artists and doesn't stop until everyone in the project is satisfied. Should anyone have the opportunity to create music with Dan they should definitely take it. Just like myself, they will find themselves to be a better musician and even a better person because of it. - Phil Dickson

Impressive ears and a gifted engineer. A monster drummer and great human being. The total producer package. - Malcolm Aiken