Daniel Klenner is a Vancouver based musician and producer who owns and works out of North Bluff Studio. Having previously played and toured with Juno nominated band 'Hey Ocean!’ and also Polaris Prize nominee ’Shad', he turned his focus to studio production and soon after built the Space Studios with local Vancouver band ‘Star Captains’. The studio is an intentional recording facility that focuses on inspiring musicians and building community within the Vancouver music scene; a studio built by musicians, for musicians. Daniel, was the head recording engineer, producer, and co-owner at the studio for over 6 years, but has recently relocated his studio to White Rock where he continues to work intimately with artists and their visions to create innovative, modern, but most of all musical recordings. 

Daniel grew up singing and playing in church and has been writing, recording, and producing in some form since he was 11. He quickly discovered his passion and skill for drumming and went on to study a wide variety of drumming styles; Jazz & Bebop, African, Cuban, R&B, Hip hop, Pop, & Rock. Having toured North America on and off for a decade playing multiple instruments, Daniel’s musical perspective and experience of the industry is what makes him such a fierce studio producer. Whether its writing with artists/bands, session drumming, mixing, producing, performing, scoring, or engineering, his ability to live in an ongoing tension between his artistic and technical personalities is what makes his recording and producing style so unique and sought after. Daniel's ability to sing and play multiple instruments (drums, guitar, bass, and keys/piano) combined with his completely unique style of studio production, allows him to bring a full force of sounds to the music he creates. 


Some of the artists he has recently recorded/produced/mixed at The Space Studios Include: 

Hey Ocean, We Are The City, Shad, Dear Rouge, Star Captains, Peach Pit, The Tourist Company, David Beckingham, David Vertesi, Tiny Havoc, Ashleigh Ball, Hot Panda, Jordan Klassen, Terence Jack, Golden Ears, Dawn Pemberton, Benedict Marsh, Jenny Banai, Sister Says, Malcolm Aiken, Bre McDaniels, Phil Dickson, Mixed Multitude Music, Last Ark Out, Trev Conkey, Stephanie Ratcliff, Small Town Artillery, Last Ark Out, Twin Bandit.