First things first.... A little something to listen to while you read this post. - A song from the 2nd Star Captains Album - New Freedoms


The Star Captains is a group I have played with for about 7 years. In the fall of 2013 we started planning the long hard project that would eventually become The Space Studios. We had a friend help with the initial framing of the walls and installation of the windows and doors but the 5 of us did pretty much everything else. We took an existing empty room and built a control room and a separate isolation booth. The Space Studios officially opened March 9th 2014. 


First wall going up.


Narai Dawn from The Star Captains sweeping a dusty floor after a long couple days of drywalling.


The isolation booth before the double glass doors were installed.


The Director of Operations at the studio Max Zipursky finishing the flooring in the isolation booth. 


Jim Black the guitarist of The Star Captains, AKA the mudding master, taking a breather after a good 6 hour stretch of mudding.


I built the control room desk out of reclaimed wood..... and of coarse drank our next door neighbour Rick's home brew beer the whole time.


Guitarist, bassist, and composer of The Star Captains Gavin Youngash finishing the final touches in the 'Euro Lounge' behind the control room.


The finished control room a year later with Terence Jack, an artist I recorded, produced, and mixed, listening to a final mix.

Daniel Klenner